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Based in the rolling hills of Monmouthshire I have a particular affinity with both woodland and the coast, and that’s reflected in terms of where I spend most of time when out with the camera.

I’m lucky to have large and diverse swathes of woodland to amble through right on my doorstep, from uplands filled with ancient gnarled oaks, through to bluebell carpeted beech woods, but it is the large chunks of mixed woodland that I enjoy spending most time in, both locally and just over the border in the Forest of Dean.  I’m constantly drawn to the contrasts of shape, form and texture to be found when larch and pine plantations overlap with broadleaf woodland filled with beech, oak  and birch.

In terms of my love for the coast, whilst I don’t have much of that on my doorstep, I am no more than a couple of hours from the landscape photographers honeypot coastlines of Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, but more importantly for me the much less visited Gower peninsula and the largely undiscovered rugged beauty of Pembrokeshire.

I also have the Brecon Beacons on my doorstep too for the occasional quick mountain excursion or foray into waterfall country, so all in all it’s not a bad spot to be based in, even if it is a bit of a trek to the Lake District or even further Scotland.

Anyway, I hope you like what you see, and if you do, feel free to get in touch.

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