Distilled witterings & no, I don’t have a beard

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A while ago now, I somehow found myself in the living room of someone I’d never met before in deepest, darkest Swansea, sat across from them at a kitchen table, facing a microphone and nervously gripping a steaming hot cup of tea, wondering how on earth I was going to say something that was witty or erudite which would be vaguely interesting to those reading a future issue of Outdoor Photography.  I don’t consider myself to have an interesting backstory to my photography or life in general, it’s been fairly mundane in all honesty and no different from the vast majority of people who go to work every day and have a hobby of some description outside of work to keep them sane.

Somehow though, Nick Smith managed to do a grand old job of distilling my ramblings.  He’d read a couple of my blogs as research before we met, and by his own admission, his challenge for this interview would be to ‘keep things concise and keep me on track’.  I’d never met him before, but he’d already got the measure of me…damn him.  Clearly Nick has gone through this whole process once or twice before, ok, over a hundred times at least, but I still don’t envy him his job in extracting information and quips from photographers, most of whom I’d assume are like me and don’t really like to talk much about themselves.


Interestingly, much of the content that appears in the interview occurred after Nick had turned the recorder off, an all too familiar story apparently, but somehow Nick duly managed to weave that together with the conversation he’d caught on tape to craft the words that appear in this month’s issue of Outdoor Photography…issue 209 (on sale on 25th August and available from all good retail outlets, and some crap ones as well)

I’m hugely grateful to Nick for conveying what we discussed that otherwise dreary Sunday afternoon in Swansea, to Steve Watkins for asking me to be in the magazine in the first place and for pulling together a selection of my images and Nick’s words into a spread I’m immensely proud of.

Although, I do need a new headshot though.  I sent a new one to the folk at OP as the previous one they had on file had me with a beard.  An image taken during the only two weeks of my life where I actually had a full beard, which has led to several people meeting for the first time being shocked that I don’t have one.  I’m no hipster…I have no beard…it itches too much, however apparently the current one is no better as it makes me look like a serial killer…which again, I’m not. Back to the drawing board on that one then….

In the meantime, please pick up a copy of the magazine, and enjoy the wealth of great imagery and articles that are always on display month upon month in Outdoor Photography from a host of great photographers and writers.


1 Comment

  1. mark  —  September 13, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    Enjoyed reading the article and it led me to your website. I share your instinctiveness for capturing an image and I generally hope the elements of alchemy are all in place to achieve a satisfactory image; along with a bit of basic knowledge of course. I will though, now, start using a notebook to record ‘stuff’ it may help with remembering the inspirations and thoughts about a particular capture especially as my memories getting a bit shite post 50.
    Keep up the great work


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