Every cloud…

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Every cloud…

So, this is my first quick blog on my new website, allow me to briefly explain why…

Well, a few evenings ago I thought I’d update the wordpress theme I used to power this website to the latest version.   Whilst the website I originally built with that theme was OK and looked really good, it didn’t really fit the usual wordpress standards for galleries and stuff, making it a bit of a pain to maintain.  Thankfully the developer recently released a new version of the theme making a lot of these changes, and whilst I knew updating to the new version would effectively mean an extensive rebuild I pressed ahead, settling in on the sofa with a cup of tea to hand, ready to take on the task of upgrading.

However, just before I dived in, the realisation that I was facing a rebuild made me consider exploring a different theme, one which would allow me to integrate some commerce features that were missing from my original theme.  So after bit of exploring, I identified some suitable candidates, downloaded a couple and decided to see what they looked like.

Applying the first theme of choice caused chaos for some unknown reason, leaving me unable to access the WordPress dashboard and facing a reinstall.  “No problem, I’ll just restore a backup of the old site and go back to that tomorrow” I thought, so imagine what went through my mind…and exploded from my mouth…when I realised I hadn’t backed it up.

After calming down a bit and resigning myself to an unexpected TOTAL rebuild of my website, I concluded that this was in fact an opportunity, and one I could seize with both hands, to re-evaluate my original site, it’s content and structure and make the changes I knew I really needed to make.

So in short, a couple of days later and here we are, a new theme, some new content, some new features yet to come, and a lesson well learned.  BACK IT UP!!

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